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Fire was discovered in the middle stone Age by a man who was scratching pieces of wood using his hands, the more he carefully continued to scratch the piece of wood they got hot, man scratched wood using all his energy and consequently sparks came out which resulted into smokes. The sparks caused by friction of the scratched wood led to the emissions of fire. The followingare briefly importance of fire to a man;-

(1) improvements of shelters: the discovery of fire enables man to drive away the wild animals from the caves and use these as home for themselves instead if crude shelter in the open spaces therefore Man adapted to the new environment.

(2) Improvement of family relations: tendering fire helped fostering social behavior by bringing early humans together into a small area. Fires may have tightened family groups as the families gathered around a fire to protect their young.

(3) Peoples began using fire as a source of light by taking advantage of the glow of wood burning fire to continue their activities after dark and inside their dwellings which were usually natural caves.

(4) Fire enables man to make better weapons and tools: Mab used fire to straightened and harden tools made of wood. People eventually learned to control the speed of fire by blowing at it through reed pipes also they used this techniques to burn hollows in logs to create cradles, bowls and canoes.

(5) Fire made man more independent to his environment. For example, instead of eating raw food man started to eat cooked foods, instead of hiding himself in thick bushes to warm himself he used fire to warmbhis body.

(6) Man become more creative beacise of the use of fire: during early night fire warming was a placeof creating and inventionew skillsmbolans and activities for the coming day were done around fire.

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