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After Tanzania got independence, there were several changes in the education policy. The aim of these changes was to make education the engine of economic development. The impacts of self reliance in Tanzania included the following;

(1) It should be oriented to rural life. The education system should not divorce people from their society they live in. it should be relevant to the society.

(2) Teachers and students should all engage in productive activities; the students should participate in the planning and decision making process of organizing these activities.

(3) Productive work should become an integral part of the school curriculum and provide meaningful learning experience through the integration of theory and practice.

(4) Examinations should be downgraded. Passing examinations should not be the main goal of the education system, education should prepare its products how to survive i.e. it should be education for life.

(5) Children should begin school at seven years so that they would be old enough and sufficiently mature to engage in self reliant and productive work when they leave school.

(6) Primary education must be complete in itself rather than merely serving as a means to higher education after school. People should be in position to creates jobs and be self reliant.

(7) Students should become self confident and cooperative and develop critical and inquiring minds. The education system had to produce people who can express themselves and are able to work with other.

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