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Monaparty system refers to the system of having one political party in the country which formed the ruling government. After Independence most African state transformed from multiparty system as an instrument of ruling country. Tanganyika during the independence struggle and after attained independence where in multiparty system, 1965 Tanganyika transformed to monoparty system. The following are the factors that lead to introduce Monoparty system in Africa;

(a) Promoting development, after independence most African state adopted Monoparty system aimed to mobilize Africans to concentrate on development sectors such as Agriculture, industries,and trade.

(b) Strength African Unity,After independence some African state were faced with Tribalism problem which associated with conflicts based on ethnic regions or religious hence their indroduced one party system in order to minimize misunderstanding within the state and to encourage unity and cooperation among the ethnic groups.

(c) Eradication of tribalism, regionalism and religionalism , the African independent state through that multiparty system encouraged tribalism, regionalism and religionalism in the state hence could motivate political instability and underdevelopment thus decide yo adopt Monoparty system.

(d) Stabilizing the ruling government, independent African state introduced Monoparty system aimed to stabilizing the ruling government and reducing challenges from opposition parties in order to strength the development. For instance Tanganyika, The United Tanganyika Party (UTP), and African National Congress (ANC) oppose the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) the ruling party.

(e) Elimination of working classes, After independent African were behaved that many political parties influence and represent the working class in the country thus decide to transformed to Monoparty system.

(f) The role played by socialist block, this block were the Eastern country includes Russia, Cuba, China and India. These socialist block influence African state to adopt single party system in their country. Socialist countries were against with all forms of exploitation conducted in African state.

(g) Aimed to encourage self reliance and independence, African independent state adopted Monoparty system aimed to mobilize people and prepares them for self reliance and independence in order to fasten national development.

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