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Since 1977, several amendments have been made to the original constitution; many of these are related to the relationship between the united government and the Zanzibar government. There were various effects of the constitution changes to the political development in Tanzania:-

(a) Liberation from partial independence; The 1962 constitutional change liberated Tanzania from partial political independence.

The country was still under the control of the Queen of England who was represented by the governor general in the country. The 1962 constitution saw the establishment of a constituent assembly that introduced the post of a president who was a Tanzanian.

(b) Introduction of ujamaa; The 1967 change, introduced a political ideology of Ujamaa (African Socialism) and self reliance. This provided a political guideline in which the countries development would be attained. Ujamaa was one of the two important principles of Arusha Declaration. It aimed at creating a truly socialist state where the society was classless. Ujamaa emphasized absence of exploitation of man by man. The principle aimed at putting the major means of production under the control of peasants and workers.

(c) Introduction of one party system; The banning of multiparty politics was significant in creating a solidified and united state so that it could be possible to achieve development. Multiparty politics was seen as recipe for disunity and could invite foreign interaction in the country.

(d) Reintroduction of multi party; The 1962 reintroduction of multiparty politics brought openness of the government and created freedom of press, speech and accountability of different actors in the political system of Tanzania. It would be noted that one of the reasons for the re introduction of multiparty was the pressure from the donor community.

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