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Colonial education was the kind of education that was provided by the colonial government in African continent; Tanzania being among them during the colonial period. This education was formal where by students were supposed to sit in class to access education with a written curriculum. However the curriculum was prepared in Europe 19 th C-20 th C. Thus, After independence, there were several changes in the education policy. The aim of these changes was to make education the engine of economic development. The changes included the following;
a) The government made education a right to all Tanzanians irrespectively of one’s race or level of income. Colonial education had discriminated the Africans in the provision of education whereby preference was given to Europeans and Asians.

(b) There was an increase of primary and secondary school enrollment following the government’s campaign and emphasis on education. Enrollment in colonial education was restricted, the colonialists simply wanted a few Africans who would assist the colonial administrators.

(c) There were changes regarding the content of colonial education. There was introduction of various disciplines and not only the agricultural sector. This was a crucial step in producing educated people with different skills; this move was taken to support development in the country.

(d) The government established the university college of Dar es salaam as the state university. The establishment of the university was to acquire highly educated Tanzanians who will play a leading role in developing the country.

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