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Zanzibar was dominated by Arabs under the Arabs government, this established Arabs government exploited, humiliated, discriminated and oppressed African in Zanzibar. This situation created hatred between African and Arabs, therefore when Arabs were given the power to rule Zanzibar in 1963, Africans were not readyto be under Arabs domination since in 12th, January, 1964 the ASP part formed by people of Zanzibar under Abeid Aman Karume decide to overthrow the Arabs domination (minority rule). The major causes of Zanzibar revolution are as follows;

(a) Independence of 1963, African refrain from supporting the government as they considered it to be Arabs government under Mohammed Shamye of Zanzibar and Pemba popmea party (ZPPP) because it didi not observe their grievances. The sultans government established various rules so as to undermine the majority of Africans in Zanzibar.

(b) Land alienation, African land confiscated by Arabs for cloves and coconut plantation African become landless they opted to war for liberation.

(c) Forced Labour, African forced to work as slaves with low payment to the Arabs and other white race economic sectors.

(d) Culture distortion, the African cultural system disvalues by Arabs since African forced to adapt Arabic culture such as language, dressing , these influence Africans to overthrow the Arabs government in 1964.

(e) Social inequalities, the people of Zanzibar were discriminated in the provision of social services such as schools, hospital, electricity and houses, white were given good social service while Africans were lived in poor socila services, this raise the grievances to Africans which influenced them to violant struggle.

(f) Role of John Okello, the man from Uganda, settled in Zanzibar since 1952 worked as a printer. John Okello conciourized the Zanzibarians to revolution and planes for it hence succeeded to bring the independence in Zanzibar in 1964.

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