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At the beginning U.S.A was a British colony which gained her independence on 1776; after the six years of war with British soldiers but from 20 th which U.S.A began to rise as a big leading capitalist in the world. The emergence of USA as a super leading power took place after WWI of 1914 – 1918, however from the end of WWII U.S.A become a leading capitalist power while British superiority declined completely due to the following reasons:-

1. U.S.A did not directly involved in both world wars of 1914 – 1918, 1939 – 1945: Due to the outbreak of world wars; U.S.A gained a lot and these gave U.S.A to build her economy and industries without any disturbance for many years because no war fought in U.S.A soilhence no destruction was ever experienced on U.S.A soil e.g. no destruction of factories, banks, infrastructure, agricultural and trade but also during the war USA supplied war equipments such as war clothes and money to opposition sides, this led U.S.A to get prosperity and wealth also U.S.A provided employment even to women all these enabled U.S.A to build her economy and emerged as a super capitalist leading nation.

2. Extension / provision of U.S.A Marshal plan to war affected European nations: All European nations which was affected by the war was helped by U.S.A under the Marshal plan as an economic recovery program to all affected European nations therefore the Marshal plan gave a lot of U.S.A dollars approximately to 22 billion U.S.A dollars to Western European countries in term of grants and loans but also U.S.A provided goods; in return all of these nations were to pay back with interest likewise under the Marshal plan U.S.A persuaded the European colonial masters to decolonize her colonies through “U.S.A open door policy” as a conditions for European nation to get Marshal plan, this policy intended to make U.S.A to get Areas in colonies for her to invest, to get market, raw materials and to get cheap labor under the new USA colonialism, all these enabled U.S.A to raise as a leading super power.

3. Maintenance of U.S.A isolation policy: This policy made U.S.A to stay away from European wars, political conflicts and quarrels this intended to make U.S.A to concentrate on her domestic affairs. The policy which started from 1796 by President George Washington and in 1823 by Monroe Doctrine declared Europe to stay out of U.S.A, this for a long time enabled U.S.A to concentrate on building her own economy domestically e.g. building strong industries, infrastructure, agricultural period but also the policy European power to depend on America for their economic development hence U.S.A with isolation policy managed to rise as a strong capitalist nation is the world.

4. The fall of British super powerless:This gave a room for U.S.A to harvest super profit for her development; after the collapse of British hegemony U.S.A exploited the former British colony by using the back door whereby those former colonies of British were turned on a place for U.S.A to invest, get market for manufactured goods, cheap labor without any competition hence the profit from those former British colonies enabled U.S.A to rise as the leading super power economically etc.

5. The collapse of communism in the former USSR: In early 1990’s gave a room for U.S.A to rise as a super power in the world. This was because USSR and U.S.A existed as enemy countries with the cold war politics due to different ideologies i.e. capitalism and socialism but after the collapse of communalism in former USSR witnessed many communist follower in different part of the world abandoned socialism and following capitalism in their nations, this gave a chance for U.S.A to dominate in the world hence U.S.A role as a leading super power.

6. The formation of multinational cooperation and financial institution like IMF, and World Bank: Majority of these multinational co operations based on U.S.A therefore they have to implement all investment of U.S.A in different parts of the world because these multinational co operations, military organization i.e. (NATO) are sponsored by the U.S.A to implement the policy of U.S.A, therefore many nations have to welcome these multinational cooperation and financial institution because of weak economic base hence U.S.A rose as a leading capitalist power.

7. Different nature of U.S.A population: U.S.A had different people from different origin and different back ground in different part of the world including Jews, French, British, Africans, Arabs and Chinese; these people have different knowledge of technologies and science hence they helped U.S.A to build her own economy e.g. Majority of these are technicians, technologist, scientist and others have invested in big industries and big farm which all these helper U.S.A to rise as a leading super power in the world.

8. The capital obtained from British after independence: British industries, banks, plantation, infrastructure etc, after the American was taken by U.S.A to become a good beginning of U.S.A to become rich so the wealth of British was used domestically in America and after WWII U.S.A become the leading super power in the world.

9. Slave trade: U.S.A was the major beneficiaries in horrible trade human trafficking whereby this slave trade helped U.S.A to become a leading capitalist nations due to slaves supplied cheap labor in plantations, mines industries invested in America, slaves produced a lot of raw materials for industries established in America. Slaves involved in construction and development parts, harbors, infrastructures and slaves acted as the source of market in U.S.A, all these enabled U.S.A to rise as the leading super power in the world..

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