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The government plays a vital role in ensuring that social services provided to the citizens. Effective access to functioning and well equipped social services is a prerequisite of improving the quality of life and for promoting the well-being of all Tanzanians. The major challenges facing the provision of social services in Tanzania are:

(a) Some of the government and private institutions face financial constraints which complicate the provision of high quality social services.

(b) People living in rural areas have the worst living conditions. As a result, they migrate on urban areas where they cause intensive scramble over the available social services.

(c) Delivery of household water continues to be a problem for Mainland Tanzania; water supply is not sufficient in rural and urban areas.

(d) Transportation systems in the rural areas are still a problem. People living in remotes areas do not have access to transportation systems. Poor transport makes it difficult for people to go to hospitals or farmers to transport their produce.

(e) Bad behaviour among individuals of destroying public and private infrastructure. Some destroy the railways and cause accidents. Others steal transformer oil and telephone cables.

(f) Services are too expensive and the citizens are unable to pay for the costs of the services rendered. For instance, most of the private schools set high school fees which are not affordable to a majority of Tanzanians.

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