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Globalization is defined as the increasing process of interdependence and interconnectedness between different political, social and economic components of the world. It is the way in which the world in seen as the global village. Globalization becomes a worldwide system as it integrates people across national boarders, making the world operate as a village and therefore enabling free movement of goods, capital and information. The following are challenges of globalization in Tanzania.

(a) Low level of the use of communication system. In Tanzania the use of global, communication satellites and telephone is still low and under developed. Most of communication systems are confirmed to the urban areas while a rural population which is bigger is still unconnected with the world communication system. A problem of uneven distribution of communication system where internets, mobile phones and others are only found in cities and big towns will make the rural population become isolated (marginalized) from this global village.

(b) The other challenges which Tanzania faces is low production, Tanzania‟s economic sectors such as agriculture , industry, mining, fishing are not producing enough goods for export . The increase of international trade as one among the fundamental characteristics of globalization will leave Tanzania a buyer of foreign goods rather than a manufacturer and exporter.

(c) The low level of education in Tanzania is posing big challenges to Tanzania under this world of globalization. The levels of education among Tanzanians are very low compared to that in other countries in the world. This level of education fails to meet intellectual demands of globalization such as technological skills, managerial skills, entrepreneur skill and marketing skills. Thus Tanzanians will not be able to compete in employment opportunities with others from other countries.

(d) Tanzania faces a problem of law serving and low investment growth, low saving, lack of individual capacity and prolonged vicious cycle of poverty among Tanzanians. Moreover Tanzanians primary exports are facing severe downward pressure of prices from world market. This trend is continuously discouraging primary producers which are mainly the defenseless peasants.

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