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The development of Iron industry in Africa which led to the availability of Iron tools, had brought about great changes economically, socially, politically and culturally in Africa societies. The following are the advantages of the discovery and uses of the Iron tools:-

(a) Improved production: tgr use of Iron tools such as hoes, and axes which were better than Stone tools encouraged Farmer to produce more. For the pastoralists, iron tools such as arrow and spears increased security of their live stock.

(b) Iron technology led to the population growth: the improved tools of production led to the increases in food production which in turn led to population increase. People could now get enough food to eat. Man increased security against wild animals and enemies through use of Iron weapons.

(c) Increased specialization: with the emergency of Iron Smith’s, there was an increase in the division of labour. The division of labour in turn led to increase in production of surplus.

(d) Emergency of classes: Apart from increased production, division of labour divided society into classes, the explorers and exploited, or the oppressor and oppresses. Smith’s became wealthier and stronger because they could get wealth through exchange of their goods with items brought by peoples from different areas.

(e) Improvement of Settlement: with the use of Iron tools settlement places expanded, this led to the existence and development of complex communities.

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