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The Brandt report was a recommendation of the commission to address the LDCs this report was written by independent commission in 1980 chaired by Willy Brandt the former chancellor of Western Germany, the report was international report with aimed to analyze the solution for the problems facing LCDs 1980 – 1987. The main fundamental issues discussed in the of the Brandt report commission are as follows:-

1. Poverty problem (Issue):This being a crucial issue in the world was still discussed whereby the World Bank estimated that 800 millions of people in the LDCs live under acute poverty, and 40% of the South population are not able to secure basic needs while the economies of the poor nation religion agriculture which also face unfavorable environment and scarcity of market.

2. Health issues:This also were discussed in Brandt health commission and it was observed that majority of people LDCs are faced with the problem of low life expectancy, poor medical facilities and majority of the people lack safe and clean water.

3. Housing/Settlement issues: Was also discussed in the Brandt and observed that; there was a great movement of people from rural to urban areas, wide spread of unemployment and â…” of all families in the LDCs are not able to build new houses even cheapest and high birth rate is also common in the LDCs which accelerate to many families to have many people without good housing/settlement.

4. Education issues: Majority of the people in the LDCs are illiterate which are approximated to be 50% of the population of the LDCs. Although some progresses have been taken by the government of the third world countries to build more schools but the number of attending to schools especial for girls is still low.

5. Women Issues: Women in LDCs are marginalized in development due to existence of patria system in many countries of the LDCs. This has caused massive gender inequalities in developing countries like in politics, production and in economics e.g. women are not allowed to own property, land in some societies of the LDCs also the provision of health care familiar is biased and the encouragement of education in some societies is based on boys/male while female are discouraged to accesses education rather than women are encouraged in fulfilling domestic activities e.g. looking fetching water, and collecting fire wood.

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