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Though it is very important  for a nation to maintain its culture,  there are some negative  socio-cultural  practices which  should be abandoned in order to  bring  equality between men and women  in the society.Therefore, corrective measures should be taken jointly by the government, community, family, non- governmental organizations and individual citizens on the following aspects:

1.Mass education: People should be educated about the dangers of negative socio-cultural practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation. This will make people aware of the harm caused by these practices

2.Enhancing the existing laws on women’s rights: The government should enhance these laws to enable women to participate in the same socio-economic activities as men. For example, women should be able to own and inherit properties like land, houses and business so as to have a strong economic base.

3.Use of mass media: Radio, television and newspapers can be used to educate and give people information concerning negative cultural practices and their effects in the society.

4.Adjust the school curriculum: Students should be made to understand the dangers of negative cultural practices. They should be taught the effects these practices have on the society and also what would be a better way of doing things.

5.Special consideration should be given to women in education and politics as they have been lagging behind for a long time. They should be given special seats in parliament and given special provisions in admission for higher education.

6.Empowerment of women: women should be given a chance to make decisions and exercise their rights.

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