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The urinary system eliminate metabolic waste product and maintain the correct concentration of water and salt in the body fluid. The main purpose of the urinary system is to remove urine from the kidney. The drainage of urine from the bladder through the urethra and out of the body is known a Urination, the main organ of the urinary system is kidney. Thr major adaptations of Urinary system to fill full its functions are:-

(a) The urinary system has large afferent arterioles and narrow efferent arterioles which allow build up of pressure thus facilitating ultra filtration

(b) The glomerulus capillaries are highly coiled and semi permeable causing a build up of pressure in the glumerulus hence ultrafiltration.

(c) The inner epithelial lining of the tubules has numerous microvill which increase the surface area for absorption.

(d) It is connected to a collecting duct which channels the filtrate ( Urine) out of the nephron’s to the ureter to allow for continuous functioning of the nephron’s.

(e) It has cup shaped Bowman capsule whose basement membrane collects and directs glomerular filtrate into the nephron’s tubules.


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