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Customs refer to short-lived patterns of behaviour shared by members of a groupandcan be directly observed. For instance, people who know each other greet by shaking hands whenever they meet while others hug each other. However, customs differ from one society to another. The set of customs form one of the indicators of culture.

Tradition are experiences of the past that are inherited by a society and are unchangeable. They include marriage, food, local brews, funeral ceremonies, family care and home economics. Other aspects includeinitiation, worshiping system, sports and games. Every society has its own tradition.  The following are the customs and tradition which becomes a barrier to the development of a country:-

(a) Sacrifices, sacrifices have caused loss of economy during sacrifices, sacrifices involved killing cattle, goat and sheep’s and even cereals for food and alcohol.

(b) Polygamy, many wives marry children hence inability of supply them enough social service.

(c) Early marriage, young girls are forced to go even to adult or old husband unwillingly just for the seek of dowry to her/their parents.

(d) Bad initiation ceremonies (Jando and Unyago) which led to the loss of food crops and brews to contain hold relatives and the cibcerners attended.

(e)  False beliefs, people believed that ball calamatics / misfortune in the society were caused by God or dead ancestor hence no true efforts to overcome problems.

(f) Women segregation, women are not considered in decision making, leadership, assert, inheritance and hearing less opportunity in official employment.

(g) Women curcumussion has many time causes to over bleeding and even death if no extra care.

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