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Trans Saharan Trade was the trading relation between the people of Western Sudan (Sudanic /Savannah region) and the people of North Africa passing across the Sahara desert. Camels were used as the means of transport during this trade.

Societies that participated in the Trans Saharan Trade included; The Berbers of North Africa and brought them to West Africa via the Sahara desert. Several factors contributed to the growth and development of Trans Saharan trade. These include:-

(a) Political stability in both North Africa and West Africa, hence a conducive ground for the trade activities to flourish.

(b) The desire by European traders of such items as ivory, gold and slaves which were to  be obtained only from Western Sudan.

(c) Production of surplus commodities such as kola nuts, salt, fish and other food stuffs in Western Sudan. These had to be exported to other regions including North America.

(d) The introduction and use of camels as animals of transportation, these were able to carry huge quantities than horses and human porters. They were also tolerable in desert conditions.

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