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Urbanization is associated with a number of problems, some of these problems include environmental degradation, rise in criminal activities, inadequate housing, traffic congestion, unemployment, immorality, shortage of public utilities such as water, and emergence of street children. The ways of solving problems relatedtp urban growth are;-

(a) Improvement of social services like water, electricity, churches, schools for example construction of more dams to preserve water for the population in the cities also there be improvement of infrastructure so as to facilitate economic activities.

(b) Creation of employment opportunities. The city council has to create more jobs so as to cure the problem of unemployment for example increase in investments in industries as well as agriculture, which will lead to the provision of jobs to youths.

(c) Good urban planning, There must be good planning in the constructions of buildings so as to avoid the poor arrangement of housing in the cities. Housing design must try to meet the demand of the citizen.

(d) Improvement of infrastructure to accommodate the motor vehicles. Private cars have been increasing extensively and becoming a problem. It is necessary to set up a reasonable system and width of roads, reserve necessary parking place.

(e) Family planning, As street children are caused by the lack of social services, this can be reduced by using the family planning to reduce the number of children in the family. This will make the provision of social services as well as the employment opportunities.

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