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Globalization is defined as the increasing process of interdependence and interconnectedness between different political, social and economic components of theworld. It is the way in which the world in seen as the global village. The following are the positive effects of globalization on political issue;

1. Globalization has brought about important changes in the content of international law. Contemporarily states like Tanzania makes laws which comply with international laws and therefore it abide with them in such a way that it can no longer mistreat her citizens the way it wishes. Issues like human rights, social justice are part of Tanzania‟s constitution, by laws and statutes which effectively started to be used in Tanzania in 1987.

2. Under globalization, Tanzania has integrated itself into global politics through international agencies and organizations. New forms of multilateral and global politics have been established involving governments including the government of Tanzania.

3. Globalization has made it necessary for poor countries like Tanzania to form strong political organization such as the formation of the East Africa Federation.

(4) Globalization has speeded up the democratization process in Tanzania. In order to promote democracy Tanzania is adopting global democratic principles such as rule of law, transparency, multiparty, accountability and it is trying to implement those aspects.

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