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(a) Insulator; Atmosphere it acts as a blanket and therefore moderate temperature at night and during winter, this because the atmosphere permits the entry of shot heat waves but hinder the escape of London radiated waves.

(b) Scientific field; Atmosphere is a field through which scientific experiments and observation are carries out for example ionosphere reflect some electromagnetic waves and radio signals back to the earth, there are also scientific development like television, radio, radar and other telecommunications together with air transportation.

(c) Hydrology function; surface waters, evaporation, condensation and precipitation for mation tame place in the atmosphere, solid dust particle are useful in the atmosphere as they acts as nuclei for rain droplets formations

(d) Life support; some gases particularly oxygen ate important for living organisms, air has weight which contributes to atmospheric pressure variation and breathing would be impossible without pressure variation. Wind movement and direction that balances temperature, humidity and precipitation also results from pressure variation.

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