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Waste refers to the materials that are no longer needed. Wastage of our environment causesd by thu human activities such as mining activities, fishing activities, construction activies etc. The folllowing are the effecta of waste to the human health;-

1. Individual pollutants; From the health aspect, the most important pollutants associated with incineration are particles, acidic gases and aerosols, metals and organic compounds

2. Cancer. Increased frequency of cancers in counties containing hazardous waste sites was found particularly for gastrointestinal, oesophageal, stomach, colon and rectal cancer.

3. Toxins; Many types of objects that are thrown away contain toxic substances that can leach into soil and water, affecting the health of plants, animals and humans. Electronics contain mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and other metals that compromise environmental health. Construction waste may contain asbestos, fossil fuel derivatives, and other toxic substances.

4. Smell; One effect of solid waste disposal that is less severe but more familiar to many people is bad smell.

5. Poor solid waste has also led to the death of animals (especially domestic animals). Death of animals like cattle leads to poverty and the death of animals like dogs, leads to insecurity in homes

6. Poor waste management can be a source of under development around the societies surrounding that particular area. This can cause harm to tourist industries of the particular countries.

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