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Soon after WWII U.S.A got prosperity / wealth which turned U.S.A as a strongest nation in all aspect of life in the world defending the capitalist nations. The following are the changes of U.S.A affairs after World War II:-

1. US Economy grow more stable because U.S.A benefited a lot in the WWI and WWII e.g. No war was ever fought in American land, U.S.A joined in WWI and WWII very late and all the time U.S.A was a supplier of war equipment for fighting nation in Europe. This enabled U.S.A to get wealth and started to consolidate Monopoly capital which led the rise of larger Monopoly companies which were invested in U.S.A and other parts of the world.

2. U.S.A consolidated her industries; these enabled U.S.A to get more wealth / for development in America e.g. there were armament industries which produced air jobs, naval ships, military weapons, car manufacturing industries etc, all these enabled U.S.A to consolidate her own economy.

3. The rise of income among the working class; This was due to increase of wages which resulted after the trade union struggles on the rights of workers but also the increase of income led to the rise of national market which also accelerated to ability of American people to consume the commodities production in the country hence U.S.A become stable economically.

4. There was improvement of infrastructure network; This led U.S.A to start accessing both internal and external market, getting more labor of due to availability of labor mobility in USA but also the improvement of infrastructures accelerated the communication of people in USA.

5. U.S.A was able to extend the Marshall plan; The Marshall plan led U.S.A to get more wealth from the debt paid from European nation but also with the Marshall plan U.S.A was able to persuade the Europeans to decolonize her colonies so as U.S.A could get areas for market, cheap labour, raw materials for USA and areas to invest.

6. U.S.A established military organization and military bases; In other parts of the world in order to defend her capitalism or her imperialism with all interest of U.S.A e.g. There was formation of NATO, CENTO, ANZUS, OAS, SEATO, and military bases e.g. Mombasa Somalia in Africa, Pakistan and Kuwait

7. U.S.A started to defend and protect the spread of communism; In Western Europe and other parts of the world that followed capitalism, hence U.S.A appointed as the policeman of the world to fight against communism from affecting capitalist world.

8. U.S.A abandoned her isolation policy and started to opt the involvement in Western European matter both politically, socially, military and much more economically because Western European countries were under capitalist system being supported by U.S.A.

9. The emergence of cold war politics; Between the socialist nation under USSR and the capitalist nation under U.S.A until early 1990’s after the collapse of USSR as a leading socialist nation.

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