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Earthquake is a sudden earth movement or vibration in the crust. The scientific study and interpretation of the earthquake is known as Seismology and waves generated by the earthquake farmed as Seismic waves. The point at which an earthquake originates is called Focus or Origin and sometimes it is several kilometers bellow the surface.

The point on the earth’s crust immediately above focus is called Epicenter (this is the point where the shock waves hit first and give rise to an earthquake). The causes of earthquake includes;-

(1) Movement or sliding of tectonics plate over the other causes faulting of the lithospheric plate, when tectonics plates meet they cause stress and fracture of the crustal rocks. This sudden action causes releases of energy which generate shock waves which shake the earth.

(2) Volcanic eruption or movement of magma bellow or on the earth surface where Hugh pressure in the crust pushes out magma strong and causes vibration, most earthquake originates from the mantle.

(3) Gravitative force when crustal rocks collapse into cauldron due to gravity.

(4) Energy release in the mantle when radioactivity takes place in mantle releasing explosive energy which sends shock waves outwards.

(5) Isostatic adjustment when the continental masses rise to restore the upset state of balance between sial and sima layers

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