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Deforestation is the removal of natural vegetation of a place such as trees or clearing forests. The forests are mainly cleared to get areas for agriculture, fuel wood, timber and other building materials. The causes of deforestation includes;

(a) Rapid population growth; high birth rate and immigration of refugees have lead to increase demand for land settlement, agriculture and buildings materials some things which has greatly contribute to deforestation.

(b) Demand for agriculture land; Clearances of land for agriculture contributes to deforestation. As population increase demand for food also increase thus leading to expansion of demand for farmland hence deforestation.

(c) Overgrazing; Overgrazing results from overstocking which refers to keeping too large number of animals in a given area. When large number of animals are kept in an area for a long time to removal and destruction of vegetation cover in a given area exposing the land to desertification.

(d) Shifting cultivation; in some areas in Tanzania people practice the shifting cultivation or slash and burn agriculture which is still common in Mbozi and Sumbawanga.

(e) Demand for timber and other building materials; Demand for timber and other building materials for commercial purposes inside and outside the country greatly contribute to deforestation.

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