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This was the part of mounting (results) of political and ideological tension between the communist with socialist ideology led by the former USSR and the western block with capitalism ideology led by U.S.A.

The cold war started after the former USSR became the most powerful nation leading the socialist nations in the world while U.S.A became the most powerful nation economically, politically and militarily leading the capitalist nation in the world especially after WWII of 1945. There are various factors that led to arise the cold war, these includes;-

1. Ideological differences between the eastern block with socialist ideology and western block with capitalist ideology; hence the two ideologies existed in the world history since Russian revolution up to early of 1990’s led to the existence of the cold war between the eastern block following socialism under the former USSR and the western block following capitalism under U.S.A.

2. Russia motives of grabbing and occupying territories due to the expansionism policy of Russia. Russia intended and aimed at annexing and occupying territories in eastern Europe during and after WWII e.g. after the Germany forces were driven out by Russia then the western block interpreted that was the plan to spread communism, hence Russia was resisted to get more areas in eastern Europe and by 1945 when Russia controlled eastern German, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria to the president of USA by then Winston Churchill 1946 called Russia as “Iron curtain across Europe” meaning communist barriers in Europe, this increased enmity between Russia and U.S.A.

3. The colonial powers like Britain and France were hungered by the eastern block with the ideology of socialism in support of communist liberation movement. This led to the increase of enmity between eastern block and western block with capitalism ideology hence the outbreak of the cold war because all the colonial powers were under the capitalist ideology led by U.S.A, due to the fact that the aim of capitalism and imperialism are the same like segregation, humiliation, oppression, exploitation etc. while the eastern block wanted to end colonialism and capitalism with their evils in their colonial areas of Africa and Asia.

4. Existence of Neo–colonialism with its motives in the newly independent nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America led by U.S.A with her ideology of “The Truman doctrine and the marshal plan of 1947”; where by the Americans under Truman doctrine would give aids and grants to any country in Europe with war under communism threat and the post of marshal plan of 1947 whereby the American wanted colonies to be free for U.S.A to exploit, to get labor, raw materials, areas for investment for the development of America, all these increased enmity between the eastern block and western block hence the cold war.

5. The formation of the military alliances which were NATO in 1948 for the west and the war saw pact in 1950s for the east. This military alliances formed the increase of enmity and conflicts between the socialist nations with the ideology of socialism against that with the ideology of capitalism, because the formation of these alliances like NATO by the west in 1949 was to prevent the communist expansionism, this angered Russia which in reaction against the capitalist formed war saw Pact in 1955 increased conflicts hence cold war.

6. The secret manufacturing and development of dangerous weapons like atomic bombs, air jets, tents etc. by the western blocks such as U.S.A and Britain; raised suspicious in the eastern block led by the former USSR because the eastern block under USSR fail to know the motives of U.S.A and Britain hence in reply in 1948 USSR shocked the west by dipping an atomic bombs leading to more tension, In 1960 USSR was the first nation to send her Aeroplane to the moon known as Apollo and reply U.S.A did the same in 1970s.

7. The involvement of U.S.A in affairs on matters of Europe; this hungered Russia with its expansionism policy aiming at spreading communism in the world, U.S.A involved in the European matters e.g. turkey and Greece which was not accepted by Russia which saw it as the undermining her power and influence in the east. There after Russia interfered into those state contrary to UNO’s charter which against a nation to interfere internal matters of another state which led to the increase of conflict between eastern block and western block

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