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This was the part of mounting (results) of political and ideological tension between the communist with socialist ideology led by the former USSR and the western block with capitalism ideology led by U.S.A.

The cold war started after the former USSR became the most powerful nation leading the socialist nations in the world while U.S.A became the most powerful nation economically, politically and militarily leading the capitalist nation in the world especially after WWII of 1945. The following are the areas where the cold war was very much existed;

(i) Through the creation of military alliances which were NATO in 1949 against war saw pact in 1950s.
(ii) In the Cuban missiles crisis of October 1962; whereby the west led by U.S.A forced Russia to withdraw her army and weapons for Cuba

(iii) The Truman doctrine of 1947; whereby the president of U.S.A declared that it is a duty of U.S.A to prevent the spread of communism everywhere in the world, so as capitalism to win by spreading different parts of the world thus why the Truman would offer aid to any nation which was under the treaty.

(iv) The Berlin airlift of 1949; whereby for eleven months USSR blocked all the roads, railways and canal traffic from the west Germany capitalist forcing them to feed their people in west Berlin by air, this was due to the post dam arrangement in which the eastern Berlin was given to Russia and the western Berlin was given capitalist.

(v) The Greece and turkey incident in 1947, This was due to the community who wanted to overthrow the Greece and turkey government followed by capitalist ideology and which was under the British colonies because British was weak military and economically to compete with Russia, she appealed to U.S.A to intervene, U.S.A intervened in crushing the communist elements.

(vi) The marshal plan policy of 1947; whereby U.S.A in this policy of the marshal plan wanted colonies to be free for U.S.A to invest, exploit, get labor, market and raw materials. But also U.S.A wanted the capitalist western block to unite against the creation of COMENCON (Council of Mutual assistance in eastern Europe led by Russia).

(vii) The post dam conference of 1945; the western powers were willing to sharethe administration of their zones and sections, however there was the creation of eastern German under Russia and the creation of Taiwan of 1949 under the strong American support following the communist Chinese revolution in 1948, Taiwan was recognized as an independent nation by America while china claimed to be part of his nation.

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