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1. Enzyme concentration; the rate of reaction is proportional to the enzyme concentration provided that other factor should kept constant.

2. Substrate concentration; for a given enzyme concentration the rate of enzymes reaction increase with increasing substrate concentration and further increase in concentration product no significant change in reaction rate.

3. Temperature; heating increase molecules motion means the molecules if the substrate and enzyme move more quickly andbgive chance of their pumping into each other rae increased. The temperature that promote maximum activity is referred as Optimum temperature.

Above the optimum temperature despite the increase of collision the rate of the reaction decrease due to the secondary and tertiary structure of enzymes have been disrupted and the enzyme is said to be denatured.

4. pH change ; under condition of constant temperature, every enzymes function most efficiency over a particular pH change. When the pH is altered above or bellow the optimum value, the rate of enzymes activities diminished.

5. Enzymes inhibitor; a variet of small molexulea exist which can reduce the rate of enzymes reduced reaction. They are called enzymes inhibitor.

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