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A problem is something that is difficult to deal with or to understand. Social problems are difficulties that affect a community. Examples of social problems are violence, conflict, poverty, corruption, poor housing, drug abuse, HIV and AIDS, inadequate health care, theft and robbery, inadequate clean and safe water.

Problem Solving Techniques is defined as the ways which people use to solve different problems encountered in societies. Or are the ways that a person or community deals with a difficult situation. There are several ways by which problems are solved. Some of the techniques that are usually employed in to solve problems are; Cooperative technique, guidance and counseling, working hard, seeking advice from individual person and reading books;-

1. Cooperative technique is the way of problem solving whereby a person who has a problem exposes it to other people so that they can contribute their ideas which eventually solve the problem. Collective problem solving is more effective than tackling the problem individually.

2. Guidance and counseling there are problems which cannot be solved physically or mechanically. Instead, they need psychological treatment. The counseling technique is applied to people who have mental or emotional sufferings. In the counseling technique, the problem is not actually solved. What is done in counseling is simply the provision of psychological relief. Through guidance and counseling, one is given ways of solving his/her problem or coping with the problem.

3. Working hard it is appropriate method to the problems that are caused by laziness. Working hard has proved to be one of the means by which success is achieved. It is advisable that, hard work should be employed in both mental and physical activities.

4. Seeking advice from individual persons this is a technique which has been employed by many people for years in problem solving. Experience shows that, many people pay visit to other people in search for advice to solve their problems. In most cases, people consulted are those who are considered to be wise.

5. Reading books some books tell us something about life skills. Such books give different suggestions on how to solve problems.

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