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1. Regulation of ions in the body: the ions from the salt such as NaCl dissociate into Na+ and Cl-, if the balance of these ions is not corrected the efficient of body cells activity reduced.Example: Reduction of Na+ in the body leads to decrease the transmission of nerve impulse.

2. Regulation of water content in the body: the osmotic concentration depend on the body depend on the amount of water content, the increasing or decreasing of osmotic concentration inside or outside it disturb the osmoregulation process.

3. Regulation of pH: due to the presence of some ion such as HCO3- and H+ result the change in pH hence the pH must regulated by excretion through urine and other process.

4. Regulatio of blood sugar in the body: the normal mammalian blood sugar per meal is 150g/meal. If the glucose increase in the in the body it lead the pancreas to secrete insulin hormone to convert excess glucose to glycogen and if the glucose decrease the glucagon hormone convert glycogen to glucose

5.Regulation of temperature: the normal human body temperature is 37oC , if the body temperature increase it lead disturbance to enzyme and course failure of metabolic activities.

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