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Globalization is defined as the increasing process of interdependence and interconnectedness between different political, social and economic components of theworld. It is the way in which the world in seen as the global village. Globalization becomes a worldwide system asit integrates people across national boarders, making the world operate as a village and therefore enablingfree movement of goods, capital and information.

The following below are some of the solutions which Tanzanians can undertake so as to combat the challenges associated with globalization;

1. Tanzania should create policies which focus on its own problems and lay strategies to reduce poverty by focusing on provisional health, education and social security to her citizens.

2. There should be well prepared environment and conditions for investors so as to stabilize our macro economy. Attractions of investors must go together with stated conditions which will make Tanzanians benefit from foreign investments, rather than being the watchers of profit transactions.

3. Education should be given a significant priority and compulsory to all people. Tanzanians government should make sure that most if not all Tanzanians get not only education but higher quality education which will enable them to cope with challenges brought about by globalization.

4. There should be proper utilization of both natural and human resource so as to boost the economic growth. Tanzania has been experiencing the shortage of personnel like doctors yet there are many doctors from Tanzania who are walking abroad, this is improper utilization of human resources. Moreover, Tanzania faces a problem of shortage of food almost each year but they are so many uninhibited areas with fertile soils but still undeveloped.

5. For Tanzania to compete with other countries in the world market, she should develop and promote researchers, providing education to all the people on how to improve production of their goods so as to have quality goods which can withstand competition.

6. Regional integrations and co-operations should be encouraged so as to have a common say against exploitative practices done by developed countries. Membership of regional integrations and co-operations like SADC, and East Africa can enable Tanzania and other countries to at least fight back against the negative

7. Effect of globalization; The fighting against corruption should be an endless war so as to prevent those few one who want to enrich themselves.

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