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Globalization is defined as the increasing process of interdependence and interconnectedness between different political, social and economic components of theworld. It is the way in which the world in seen as the global village.

Globalization has a huge impact on environment. World trade can bring about many good things such as more efficient use of resources and aid to underdeveloped countries. But globalization can also have damaging effects on our planet;

1. Globalization can lead to shrinking forests and fisheries as well as the extinction and wrongful transportation of animals.

2. Globalization has increased pollution due to the constant emission of toxic gases from the heavy industries.

3. The high demand of natural resources which has been caused by advance in science and technology goes together with deforestation. Hundred thousands of hectares of forests are destroyed for mining activities, construction of houses, railways, dams, industries and areas for settlement.

4. Globalization has increase d global warming due to gradual increase of atmospheric temperature caused by emission of gases and smokes from industries and auto mobiles in the modern world.These gases prevent the escape of heat from the earth‟s surface to the atmosphere.

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