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Environment and development integrated intems of condition, this interaction can be characterised as one of interdependence. Since development is impossible without a good condition of living environment, so quality environment cannot be maintained in inhabited or intensively exploited areas without their sustainable development.

The impact of development on environment determined specifically by the following two factors: Approach to development If we regard development narrowly only as economic growth, the quality of environment in general is not quite so important as abundance, quality and accessibility of natural resources of raw materials and energy central for the economy. If we understand development more broadly, for example in the sense of sustainable development, the quality of environment and its sustainable condition will become one of key priorities.

The condition or quality of living environment after or during implementation of development programmes The implementation of development programmes or projects can have negative or positive impacts on living environment (Novacek, 2002). The following are the important integrtion between the aspect environmental and development in developing countries like Tanzania;

1. Both environment and development support the life of biodiversity, for the environment to be a better place to live, biodiversity has to be part of it. In science it sayed that during the day plant use carbon dioxide while human breath oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. This is a form of gaseous exchange between plants and human being. Plant help to reduce carbon dioxide in the air which turn benefit to human being each things has a role to play the environment and that so make a world better to live (World Bank, 2003).

2. Environment and development both control the environmental problem, when we look on our water bodies, they have become dumping ground for dangerous chemicals especially from an industrial activities. Most factory throw their waste into the lake and ocean, this chemical end up informs of food web such as mercury in fish. This food end up on our plates and the end result will be seriously diseases, the air we breath in and what our skin come into contact with crucial when we have harmful gases in air (Shafik, 1994).

3. Environment and development integrated in terms of sustainable utilization of species and ecosystem, we should exploit the natural resources for the development of current generation without destruction of the future generation, so this it required to attain further development in wideness activities.

4. Development leads to the environmental health, this based through understanding the direct effect on human health, toxicological aspect of water polution and food borne diseases that may help the scientists, decision makers and the public to make positive modification in their behaviour that may had to the development of sustainable development (World Bank, 2003).

Generally, the relationship between economic development, environment management, and human health is a complicated process which affecting both the quality and sustainability of the society in which we live. Therefore development and environment open up and advance economies, create new wealth and made many people to a richer life style.


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