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Numerous attempts have been made to classify settlements based on functions, but this tended to refer to places in industrialized countries, and is not longer applicable to post-industrial societies. Urbanization is associated with a number of problems, some of these problems include environmental degradation, rise in criminal activities, inadequate housing, traffic congestion, unemployment, immorality, shortage of public utilities such as water, and emergence of street children;-

(a) Overcrowding, Great number of immigrants and people are coming from farms. There is an increase in birth rate and drop in mortality rate. People migrate from original places due to corruption, poor water supply and poor health services.

(b) Political instability, the increase of the people at certain areas cause the increase of bad behaviors like crime which lead to political instability at a given area.

(c) Eruption of diseases like cholera, malaria, HIV/AIDS and other outbreaks due to population pressure caused by the increase of people.

(d) Unemployment, Due to the increase of people in urban areas from the rural most of them search for jobs in the urban centres which result in lack of job vacancies.

(e)Traffic Congestion, These refer to the presence of high number of vehicles especially private cars, these lead to noise pollutions as well as air pollutions for example Dar -es salaam.

(f) Shortage of social services, like water, schools. Some urban centres do not have reliable sources of water. As population increase water sources are strained and most residential areas experience water shortage for instance Dar es salaam suffer from water shortage throughout the year.

(g) Emergence of street children, As people increase resulting to the lack of social services and conflicts in the family and at the end family break-ups which result to street children. These people decided to run away due to the lack of social services in their family.

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