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NEW DEAL refers to the effort/programs taken by President Franklin Defame Roosevelt to rescue/pull the U.S.A out of G.E.D of 1929 – 1933 which began in U.S.A after the collapse of New York stock exchange. This combined a series of measures, solution and activities which all intended to rescue the economy of U.S.A from the impact of U.S.A;-

1. Federal emergence relief administration (FED); This measure began to create jobs through construction of air parts, roads, school, play ground as a result it gave work to jobless, actors and agrarians.

2. Agricultural adjustment act of 12/05/1933; This measure aimed at raising the prices of agricultural production by limiting over production; this was accompanied by funds by the tax collector and by the government to compensate the farmers in case of price fluctuation faced the farmers the farmers during the depression.

3. The national industrial recovery act (NIRA); This was passed in 1935 in order to deal with the effects of depression in the new deal. NIRA aimed to enforce law of fair practice for business men and industrialist where it set minimum wage and maximum wage which workers were suppose to be paid but also NIRA sets primary goals to business companies in order to improve the level of quality of goods but also within NIRA workers rights were organized and bargain were recognized.

4. The public worker administration (PWA); This measure aimed at initiating of public workers projects e.g. many public workers were buildings which were provided with money from the government in order to run its activities and this public workers project were supposed to pay low interest to the government e.g. There was the building of Tennessee valley authority (T.V.A) in order to control floods and provide electricity in rural areas so as to calm poverty.

5. The finance restricting /banking relief act; This measure intended to provide loan for bankers to procedure with banking activities.

6. The labour standard act passed in 1938; This was intended to provide employment to the people but also setting the minimum wage of US dollar cent 25 per hour and maximum working hours is 44 hours per week; but also there should be extra pay for a time exceeding evolving hours but also in this measure children below 16 years were abandon to work in industries rather they were insisted to go to school.

7. Social security fund of 1937: This measure intended to provide insurance for aged, jobless, blindness, disabled as well as children in need.

8. The civilian conservative cooperation: In this act a lot of program were initiated / launched by the government where by people in America were to be given works in projects like planting trees, building dams etc.

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