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The Russia socialist revolution took place in 26 th Oct. 1917 under the Bolsheviks. This revolution however preceded by another revolution which took place in Feb. 1917 but this was not successful like the Bolsheviks’ because of its weakness in the society/ to the Russians but both of these revolution come into existence because of the problems faced Russians before and during 1917. The main impacts of Russian revolution of October 1917 Worldwide includes;

1. The revolution led to spread of socialist & communist ideas in different parts of the world especially in eastern Europe Asia, Southern America and in Africa e.g. the spread of Asia to Asian where by several states emerged as a socialist statelike China, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Raos, Northern America to Cuba, Southern America it spread to Chile and in Africa was in Mozambique, Tanganyika, Angola, Ghana, Egypt etc.

2. The Oct. revolution of 1917 Led to cold war politics in the world between the Eastern camp led by USSR and the Western camp under U.S.A where by these two camps followed different ideology thus why led to the emergence of cold war politics.

3. Revolution of 1917 led to the formation of military alliance between the eastern camp and western camp where each camp formed a military alliance to defend and e.g. the eastern camp with socialist ideology formed the WARSAW PACT in (1950’s) while the western camp with capitalism ideology formed NATO in 1948.

4.The revolution of 1917 led to decolonization process in the colonized areas in Africa and Asia; where by Russia helped the nationalist morally and materially like provided food, money, advice and guns to the nationalist in order to defeat colonialism because Russia believed that colonialism and capitalism is like brother and sister due to the fact that it colonized people, humiliating them, looking for labor, raw materials, expanding market in different colonized areas for the world.

5. Russian revolution of 1917 led to nationalization of all private properties and wealth in other socialist countries in the world e.g. private property are land, bank, factory were nationalized and put under the control of the government in different socialist country for the benefit of the people in those countries .

6. The revolution of 1917 led to formation of NAM (Non Aligned Movement) in the third world countries or poor nations where by these poor countries formed NAM in order to government economic, political, social and technical assistance from both socialist and capitalist countries.

7. The revolution of 1917 led to the emergence of the two enmity blocks in the system of production and administration where by the socialist invited themselves under the eastern bloc while capitalism led the followers of the system to unite themselves under the western block, this two block existed until early 1990’s when socialism collapsed in Russia due to economic and political reforms occurred in the world.

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