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Utopian refers to early ideas of socialism that developed in Europe particularly in Britain and France Motivated mainly by the problem of industrial class resulted from industrial revolution of the first phase, the pro pounders /founders of autopian socialism thought were people like count Henry de Saint Simon, Charter Fomlio Robert Owen, Louis Blano, Thomas more and Tomes comparative.
This means somewhere, no where land imaginary which individual think of doing but it is not; therefore Utopia is like Smith imaginary where things should be obtained imaginary and not practically while Utopia socialism thought;-

1. Utopianist concerned the evils of capitalism such as exploitation, humiliation oppression, and segregation and exposed its weakness to the society that; capitalism is the bad system and it should be fought in the society by all people in order to end its evilslike exploitation, humiliation, oppression and segregation.

2. Utopianist led to a foundation for the beginning of scientific socialism where by Utopianist provided the over for scientific socialism especially the idea of Utopian thinkers which was re-organization of a society so once scientific socialism come in it based on such theories.

3. Utopianist socialism created awareness and consciousness among the workers of the world by guiding and directing them to the directions to be done in order to fight capitalism in the future e.g. workers were consciotized to unite together and fight together for their common enemy until they win because workers have nothing to lose except to gain.

4. Utopianist provided some ideologieslike command economy; where by the state should control the economy and organize the economy but also state should be able to organize the formation of organization to the ideal society, hence scientific socialism come to existence because on those ideologies like the state should be the one that controlled the economy on behalf of the people.

5. Utopianist provided a lessons to the capitalist to get prepared in the future of exploitation of workers would continue because worker would not tolerate with such exploitation rather they have to protest such exploitation and if possible to over throw the system hence scientific socialism come to base on such lesson provided by Utopianist.

6.Utopian duped a theory of scientific socialism out of an experience of utopian thinking hence socialism become scientific socialism when the two variables were adopted in its value i.e. this were directs and historical materialism.

7.Utopian socialism feared bloodshed and that is why they depended on moral persuasion to being about socialism because they feared war as the only alternative way to remove capitalism system in the society.

8. Utopian were too theoretical and idealistic without any clear means to achieve and implement the ideology and theories.

9. Utopian lacked mass support from the mass because they occurred during the premature workers period of the early phase of industrial revolution which most workers were still illiterates /ignorant to know and fight for their rights e.g. during Luddism where majority of workers were ignorant.

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