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1. Amount of liquid intake; Large intake of liquid (water) lower the osmotic pressure of the blood causing less stimulation of pituitary gland to secrete ADH this cause water reabsorption  of water in the kidney to minimum and result in the production of large amount of dilute urine.

2. Amount of salt intake; Intake of salt raises the osmotic potential of blood as a result the pituitary gland are stimulate and secrete ADH this hormone increase the reabsorption of water as a result the urine passed out is coloured, little and smells.

3. Weather condition; In HOT and DRY weather condition the body tends to lose a lot of water through sweating, in this case a lot of water is reabsorbed  the urine passed is coloured, little and smell. During COLD weather condition the frequency of urination increase because sweating is so minimum.

4. Inability of pituitary gland to secrete Anidiuretic hormone (ADH); When the pituitary gland failure to produce inadequate amount, the kidney failure to reabsorbed water from the glomerulus filtrate, this it lead the production of large amount of dilute urine. This condition is known as DIABETES INSIPIDUS.

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