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The Russia socialist revolution took place in 26 th Oct. 1917 under the Bolsheviks. This revolution however preceded by another revolution which took place in Feb. 1917 but this was not successful like the Bolsheviks’ because of its weakness in the society/ to the Russians but both of these revolution come into existence because of the problems faced Russians before and during 1917.

1. The revolution managed to over throw the provisional government of Kerensky and established the Bolshevik government under VI Lenin.

2. Russia was immediately able to restore peace, security and bring unity among Russians after withdrawing from World War 1.

3. Russia was nationalized all the private properties such as crow land, Land Lord Land, churches Land without compensation and gave it to the peasant through peasant committee. Likewise the foreign investments which was industries were nationalized but because the industries nationalized belongs to western power it led to the occurrence of the war between the white (Army of Western investors) against the Reds (Bolshevik army) from 1918 – 1920 however the Bolshevik won.

4. The Church and the state were separated while religions and education in school was abolished (secular state).

5. Class differences in the society were abolished in which equality between man by man, sexes was observed and a decree (Law) was passed against inheritance of property.

6. The revolution led the communist of the Bolshevik party to be able to consolidate themselves in power by using different mechanism e.g. using special secret police called cheka, to imprison, to killor exile anti communist leadership where by some people exiled early and all anticommunist element in Russian society was eliminated.

7. In 1921 Lenin introduced a special program known as the new economic policy (NEP) by which a limited degree of capitalism was allowed e.g. people were allowed to own small enterprises, small scale industry, not allowed to own and control the key economic sectors e.g. banking, heavy industries, foreign trade etc.

Addition: In promoting the development of the country the five years development plan was started by the Bolshevik starting from (1928 – 1932, 1932 –1937, 1937 – 1942, 1942 – 1947, 1947 – 1952). In this program the Bolshevik mobilized people but also the Bolshevik were responsible to evaluate the success of the goals by directing people to involve in expected goals of development.

8. The Bolshevik party had a socialist democratic structure for mass participation in discussion, decision making and implementation of the goals, this structure was from the grass root levelto the national level which always ensured discipline and national unit within the party but it also directed Russian foreign policy, education and others in Russian society.

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